The Pieuvre Reading the Internet

The Pieuvre  [pjœvʀ]

Pieuvre is the french word for octopus.

Join us now and the Pieuvre will start reading the Internet for you!

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Following News

Internet is full of feeds and sites to follow. The Pieuvre follows the Internet for you.

Sorting News

Internet generates so much news that it is impossible for a human to follow all the desired information. The Pieuvre uses natural language processing for sorting news and saving times to humans.

Finding News

On Internet, humans need to know what they look for to find it. The Pieuvre finds what you are looking for before you think of it.

Reading News

Well, the Pieuvre loves reading news on Internet. As she does it all the time, she helps you for faster and better reading.

Exploring News

Curious, the Pieuvre is. She is always eager to share her knowledge with you.

Sharing News

Obviously, Internet is all about sharing!